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Cleaning with Braces

Dental Hygiene and Cleaning

Careful and regular tooth brushing with fluoridised toothpaste during treatment is essential. Tooth decay, gum disease and unsightly permanent markings (decalcification) on teeth can occur if patients eat foods containing sugars or acids too frequently or do not brush their teeth adequately.

Your oral hygiene will be monitored at each visit. If it is unsatisfactory for two consecutive appointments, you may be referred back to your dentist for a clean and fluoride.

If the oral hygiene continues to be unsatisfactory, we will need to consider removing the archwires and suspending treatment until it is safe to recommence orthodontic treatment. This will inevitably prolong your time in braces. Continued poor oral hygiene may result in early termination of treatment.

Brushing Techniques with Braces

Flossing with Superfloss

Brushing with Proxabrush