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Treatment costs

Enjoy the best of both worlds at Brisbane Orthodontics. Exceptional Orthodontic care and affordable payment options.

Your smile is a priceless investment. At Brisbane Orthodontics, we want you to have the best orthodontic care you can possibly have—and the smile you’ve always wanted. To ensure that orthodontic treatment is an option for everyone we strive to make your treatment affordable and will make sure you know what to expect before starting your journey to a beautiful new smile.

We realise that no financial situation is identical, so we work with you to develop a plan that best suits your financial situation. The cost of orthodontic treatment will depend on many factors, including the severity of the problem, its complexity, and the length of treatment.

We want to make sure that orthodontic treatment is an option for everyone in Brisbane, so we are pleased to offer a number of flexible payment plans to suit your individual needs. 

Cost of Braces

There are a lot of factors which may impact your braces cost. The severity of the problem, complexity of the treatment and style of braces you chose can influence your braces cost. We offer a variety of different braces including clear, metal, coloured and Incognito. Your braces cost is totally dependent on the style and form of treatment you require. To get an accurate quote, one of our orthodontists will see you for an obligation free consultation and in most cases, a quote will be provided on the same day.

Cost of Invisalign

As with other orthodontic treatments your Invisalign cost will depend on your specific treatment. Invisalign aligners are removable and computer designed specifically for you, therefore your Invisalign cost will be specific to you. Your Invisalign cost can be paid for up-front or financed in-house or through a third party. We believe everyone should have access to quality treatments like Invisalign so we offer a range of payment options to help with your Invisalign cost. Many of our patients are pleased to find that Invisalign is no longer significantly more expensive than braces.

Payment Options

Brisbane Orthodontics offers a variety of flexible payment options. Please know that:

  • We endeavour to make your treatment affordable.
  • We cater your payment plan to suit your budget. Payment plans are flexible – let us know if there is a better option for your situation.
  • We won't hide any costs from you. The price that we quote to you is inclusive of the appliance and all appointments. Supervision during retention is included in fee estimate.
  • You may be eligible to claim back some of your treatment costs. Check with your health fund provider.

Upfront payment

Fees can be paid by cash, credit card or direct debit. If you decide to pay in full at the beginning of treatment, we would be very happy to discount your treatment.

In House Financing

If you would prefer to spread the cost over the course of your treatment, we are happy to offer in-house interest free financing. You pay an initial deposit and take care of the balance with monthly instalments.

Third Party Financing

Payment for treatment may also be arranged through our partnership with Denticare™. Denticare™ allows treatment to begin with minimal upfront costs and spreads the cost over the course of treatment. There is a small administration charge for this option.