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Your first Appointment

From the very first visit, our focus is on you. We want to know what your concerns are, and what you would like to achieve. We want you to feel comfortable and confident you are receiving the very best advice. Parents are warmly welcomed and encouraged to attend all appointments with young patients. At the initial consultation, we will provide a comprehensive orthodontic examination and appropriate treatment options. Your questions and feedback are encouraged.

Let us know your concerns so we can focus on what bothers you. We will let you know what our concerns are and between us we will get it right.

At your first appointment, we will often take photographs of your face, smile and teeth. A picture paints a thousand words and it makes it easy for your orthodontist to explain aspects of your teeth and jaw alignment, bite and treatment.

Our practice has a reputation for providing timely, appropriate and affordable treatment. If there is minimal benefit in commencing treatment at the time of the consultation we will explain why and place you on recall. Our recall examinations are free of charge and your orthodontist will monitor the growth and dental development.

If treatment is indicated, we will provide you with appropriate options, including no treatment if you prefer. In addition, we will discuss fees and payment options. You might be surprised to find that orthodontic treatment is not as expensive as you might think, and quite manageable with our interest free payment plans to suit your budget.

We recognise that adults require different attention to their needs, so we offer private consultation rooms and all the latest aesthetic treatment options. Adults now make up a quarter of orthodontic patients – so don’t be afraid that you are too old!