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Brisbane Orthodontics is a team of four orthodontists: Rick Olive, Glenn Staples, Roland Hammond and Steve Scott – and over twenty support staff. Sounds BIG?! Many of our staff have been with us ten or more years, some twenty or more, and a couple are close to thirty years with us.

They arrived as juniors, left when raising their families and often returned to jobshare. In addition to the reception and dental assistants, Barrie the dental technician has been making orthodontic appliances in house for 25 years.

You’ll notice familiar, friendly faces throughout your treatment. A team that is dedicated to creating an environment that is enjoyable for staff, patients and their families.


Richard Olive at Brisbane Orthodontics

Richard Olive

Rick graduated from Dentistry with Honours in 1975 and completed his Masters in Orthodontics in 1979. On graduating he became a lecturer in Orthodontics at the Dental School and in 1981, joined the Brisbane Orthodontic Group.

Rick has published on epidemiology of malocclusion, unerupted 3rd molars and has submitted papers recently on impacted canines and post treatment stability. He lectures to dental and orthodontic meetings in Australia and overseas. Links to Rick's publication can be obtained by contacting the practice.
Glenn Staples at Brisbane Orthodontics

Glenn Staples

Glenn graduated with Honours from the University of Queensland in dentistry in 1981 where he received the Mary Moffat Memorial Prize for Undergraduate Orthodontics.

He completed his Orthodontic Masters Degree in 1986 and received the First Research Award from the Australian Society of Orthodontists in 1987. Glenn joined the Brisbane Orthodontic Group in 1987 and has since served on various state and federal Orthodontic Executives and Committees.

Presently Glenn is an Honorary Post Graduate Clinical Supervisor at the UQ Dental School Orthodontic Programme.
Roland Hammond at Brisbane Orthodontics

Roland Hammond

Roland completed a Bachelor of Dental Studies in 1987 before graduating in Dentistry with Honours from the University of Queensland in 1989. He returned to the University and completed his Masters in Orthodontics in 1996. On graduating, Roland spent two years in Specialist Orthodontic practice in London before returning to Brisbane.

In 2000 he joined the Brisbane Orthodontic Group. Roland is a Past President of the Australian Society of Orthodontists (Queensland Branch).
Steven Scott at Brisbane Orthodontics

Steven Scott

Steven graduated with Honours from the University of Queensland in 1999. After a period of practising in the United Kingdom he returned to Australia and completed his Masters in Orthodontics at the University of Queensland in 2004. On graduating, Steven spent over two years in Specialist Orthodontic practice in Northern NSW before returning to join Brisbane Orthodontics. Steven has published on excellence and quality control in treatment outcomes.


The original orthodontic specialist practice that was to become Brisbane Orthodontics was established in December 1966 as a part time practice in rooms at 371 Queen Street, Brisbane by Don O'Donoghue.

Don had graduated in Dentistry from the University of Queensland in 1959 and had then worked as a School Dental Officer in Toowoomba. In 1961 he was accepted into the Orthodontic Specialist Training Programme at the University of Illinois in Chicago and completed his training in 1963.

On his return to Brisbane, Don was appointed as Senior Dentist in Charge of the Orthodontic Department of the newly opened Childrens Dental Hospital on St Paul's Terrace. He ran the private practice on a part time basis for a year and then late in 1967 he resigned from the Dental Hospital and began full time private specialist orthodontic practice. At that time there were only a half dozen private orthodontists in Queensland.

The practice outgrew the space available at 371 Queen Street so that in November 1973 Don moved to its present location on the 7th floor at 141 Queen Street (formally the T & G Building).

Bob James joined the practice in 1977 and Rick Olive in 1981 to form the Brisbane Orthodontic Group Practice. In 1987 Glenn Staple became the fourth member of the group. The practice was incorporated under the name South East Dental Group Pty Ltd in 1985.

Don O'Donoghue retired from practice on 23rd December 2000. Six months before he retired, Roland Hammond joined the group and over this period he gradually assumed responsibility for the care and active treatment of Don's patients.

Bob James retired from practice on 30th June 2007. In the three months prior to Bob's retirement, Steven Scott entered the practice to ensure a seamless transition of Bob's patients to Steven's care.

On the 1st of June 2002, the practice changed its name to Brisbane Orthodontics and remains the longest established Orthodontic Specialist Group Practice in Brisbane.

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